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Spin transport in monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)

Datetime:2016/7/15 22:21:59hit:10500

Spin transport in monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). In this work, we have computationally simulated and theoretically studied spin polarized electronic transport along the length of monolayer molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2 ). We have implemented semi-classical Monte Carlo method for computational simulation. In the monolayer MoS 2 , electron¡¯s ensemble averaged spin relaxation is due to D¡¯yakonov-Perel (DP) relaxation mechanisms and Elliott-Yafet (EY) relaxation mechanisms. We estimate spin relaxation length in the range of 0.402um. We also investigate the effect of temperature variation on the spin relaxation length in monolayer MoS 2 . We observed monotonous decrease in the spin relaxation length in temperature range of 7702K to 15002K with 24.802% relative change in spin relaxation length. In 15002K to 23002K range relative change decreases to 19.602%. Further in the 23002K to 30002K temperature ranges relative change remains 14.102% and in the 30002K to 37302K range relative change in spin relaxation length decreases to 7.302%. We observed that spin relaxation length marginally changes in the room temperature range of 30002K to 37302K and decrease in spin relaxation length is due to increase in phonon scattering at room temperature.