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Process for thermal dissociation of molybdenum disulfide

Datetime:2016/7/8 21:21:25hit:10500

Process for thermal dissociation of molybdenum disulfide.A process for preparing metallic molybdenum of relatively high purity by agglomerating a finely-particulated molybdenite concentrate consisting predominantly of molybdenum disulfide into a plurality of briquettes and heating the briquettes at an elevated temperature under vacuum for a period of time sufficient to effect a dissociation of the molybdenum disulfide and an extraction of the volatile constituents in the briquettes, including sulfur, heat treating and purifying the residual porous metallic molybdenum briquettes by subjecting them to a hydrogen gas sweep at an elevated temperature under vacuum, effecting a further extraction of residual sulfur, and thereafter recovering the heat treated briquettes which contain upward of 90% metallic molybdenum.