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Preparation of stable molybdenum disulfide lubricants

Datetime:2016/7/6 22:04:57hit:10500

Preparation of stable molybdenum disulfide lubricants. In the process of preparing a stable powdered solid lubricant from finely divided, purified molybdenum disulfide, the steps comprising thoroughly admixing 100 parts by weight of the finely divided, purified molybdenum disulfide with sufficient parts by weight of an organic liquid composition so that the parts by weight thereof divided by its density is at least 30, the organic liquid composition comprising essentially 95% to 99.5% by weight of a readily volatilized organic solvent and the balance being a relatively nonvolatile oily liquid dissolved in the solvent, the oily liquid being selected from the group consisting of petroleum oil, silicone oil and liquid esters having a boiling point of over 250 C. and a vapor pressure of less than 1 mm. at 50 C., terminating the admixing, separating excess liquid composition from the finely divided molybdenum disulfide, to leave a residue of the finely divided molybdenum disulfide and a small amount of the liquid composition, and evaporating the organic solvent from the residue, thereby producing a dry powder comprising the finely divided molybdenum disulfide with at least 0.05% and less than 2% by weight of the oily liquid present on the particles thereof to maintain its stability when exposed to moisture.