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Lithium-induced self-assembling of poly(ethylene oxide) intercalated in molybdenum disulfide

Datetime:2016/7/1 16:07:26hit:10500


Lithium-induced self-assembling of poly(ethylene oxide) intercalated in molybdenum disulfide. Static Li and H NMR experiments were performed between 150 and 400 K. The contributions of both Li¨CLi and Li¨CH dipolar interactions to the magnetic second moment were determined in the rigid-lattice regime (<220 K). Calculated magnetic second moments for different PEO conformations, considering both intra- and inter-molecular interactions, indicate that the polymer in this nanocomposite is compatible with C C bonds predominately in conformations and the oxygen atoms defining tetrahedral sites hosting the lithium ions. The model adequately satisfies the geometric restrictions determined by the structure and the stoichiometry of the product. Furthermore, the temperature dependence of the Li linewidth and the Li and H spin-lattice relaxations for the nanocomposite and two reference compounds, (PEO)LiClOand LiMoS, provided information about the effects of PEO intercalation on the polymer and Lidynamics and conformation, indicating that Limobility is coupled to polymer motion, the polymer motion is restricted by the intercalation process, and the chain conformation inside the interlayer space is in the sequence TGGTTGG.