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X-ray diffraction study of molybdenum disulfide to 38.8GPa

Datetime:2016/6/30 16:50:43hit:10500


X-ray diffraction study of molybdenum disulfide to 38.8GPa. The high-pressure behavior of molybdenum disulfide (MoS 2 ) has been investigated using an energy dispersive synchrotron X-ray diffraction method in a diamond anvil cell to 38.8GPa at room temperature. It is found that the c -axis compression ratio is about three times larger than a -axis at pressures below 10GPa. It gradually decreases with increasing pressure, and reduces to two times above 28.9GPa. The reduction of c -axis with pressure displayed a discontinuity between 20.5 and 28.9GPa. This may result from a phase transformation. The experimental pressure¨Cvolume data below 20.5GPa were fitted with the third-order Birch¨CMurnaghan equation of state, and the bulk modulus was obtained as K 0T =53.4¡À1GPa and its pressure derivative as K ¡ä 0T =9.2¡À0.4.