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Sliding Wear Behavior of Silver¨CMolybdenum Disulfide Composite

Datetime:2016/6/30 16:49:40hit:10500


Sliding Wear Behavior of Silver¨CMolybdenum Disulfide Composite. The friction and wear behavior of Ag-2.5Cu-8MoS2 composite is investigated in this article. Wear tests were conducted against the coin silver under a range of sliding loads from 1 to 4 N and sliding distances from 1 to 15 km. The wear loss of the composite increased linearly with increased sliding load and sliding distance. The friction coefficient reached a constant value after a short sliding distance. The MoS2 lubricating films formed on the worn surfaces and transfer layer surfaces led to a low friction coefficient. Fine MoS2 particles smeared on worn surfaces and wear debris surfaces were observed in the detailed studies. The MoS2 concentration in the worn surface of the composite was about four times higher than that in the matrix of the composite. Fine equiaxed wear debris was cut off from grooves at low sliding loads and thin sheet-like wear debris was delaminated from worn surfaces at high sliding loads. Abrasive wear and delamination wear were the dominant wear mechanisms within the studied rang