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Anisotropic properties of molybdenum disulfide single crystals in catalysis

Datetime:2016/6/30 16:41:37hit:10500


Anisotropic properties of molybdenum disulfide single crystals in catalysis. When a wafer of molybdenum disulfide single crystal was mounted in a reactor with the basal plane of sulfur exposed and a similar wafer cut into small pieces was mounted in a twin reactor with a large edge surface area of coordinatively unsaturated molybdenum ions exposed, the cut, but not the uncut, catalyst was active for the cis-trans isomerization of 2-butene in the presence of hydrogen at 100/sup 0/C. The reaction induction period was characteristic of reactions that proceed via sec.-alkyl intermediates. The uncut and the cut catalysts were both active for the 2-methyl-1-butene double-bond migration, which indicated that this structure-insensitive reaction proceeds through carbenium ion intermediates in a reaction that is controlled by the proton activity or acidity of the sulfur layer.