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Negative refraction in molybdenum disulfide.

Datetime:2016/7/22 22:07:06hit:10500

Negative refraction in molybdenum disulfide. Recently, negative refractions have been demonstrated in uniaxial crystals with no necessary of negative permittivity and permeability. However, the small anisotropy parameter¶√in the uniaxial crystals limits the negative refraction occurrence only in a small range of the incident light angle, retarding its practical applications. In this paper, we report negative refraction induced by a pronounced anisotropic behavior in the bulk MoS(2). Using the first-principles, the dielectric function and refractive index calculations confirm a uniaxial trait of MoS(2) with a calculated anisotropy parameter¶√larger than 2.5 in the entire range of visible wavelength. The critical incident angle to trigger a negative refraction in the bulk MoS(2) is calculated up to 90°„. The finite-difference time-domain simulations prove that the incident light with a density of 59.5% can be negatively refracted in a MoS(2) slab with a thickness of 0.1 08m. Our results open up a new pathway for MoS(2)-like materials to a novel field of optical integration.