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A rechargeable lithium molybdenum disulfide cell

Datetime:2016/7/22 21:51:19hit:10500

A rechargeable lithium molybdenum disulfide cell. The development of rechargeable lithium molybdenum disulfide batteries is considered. The battery is based on the intercalation of lithium into a layered compound having the form Li(x)MoS2. The crystal structure of the material is stabilized by the presence of a small quantity of lithium in the crystal lattice. The range of lithium concentrations (x) for a functioning cell can vary from about 0.2 for a fully charged cell to about 1.0 for a fully discharged cell according to the reaction x Li + MoS2 yields Li(x)MoS2. Some of the potential applications of the lithium molybdenum disulfide batteries include: photoflash testing; circuit board memories; and motive power sources. A line drawing of an 'AA' version of the battery is provided