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MOLYBDENUM DISULFIDE FLOTATION ANTIFOAM.An antifoam and process for the separation of molybdenum values associated with predominantly copper ores of the sulfide type. The antifoam, which is primarily directed to laundering or cleaning stages in the moly cycle, consists of a utilization of 1-60 ppm of a polyoxyethylene glycol ester in a hydrocarbon diluent per ton of ore. The oxyethylene fraction has a value of about 100-2,000 and an optimum value of 400, and the fatty acid fraction is selected from C14 - C22 acids. A preferred antifoam is polyethylene glycol 400 dioleate (P.E.G. 400 dioleate) in kerosene or isoparaffin oil as the diluent. HLB values for the P.E.G. antifoam range from 5-12 with a preferred value of 5-10 for the dioleate.