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New material for Computer Chip - Molybdenum Disulfide



    In recent years, the engineers are concentrate to make a smaller chips, while due to the restrict of the Silicon materials, the volume was almost got a limit, so the engineers distract the attention to a new material - transit metal sulfide(Molybdenum Disulfide).
    It’s a kind of silicon semi-conduct, made of transit metal, oxide of the six group, sulfide and Arsenic. Scholar Jiwoong Park of Cornell university invite a new method, to make a thin slice with only 3 atomy. These MoS2 thin slice can be made to a very thin field-effect transistor. The previous method can only make some flakes material, which is not suit for industrial production. The new one use a chemical Meteorological precipitation method, SiO2 as a base, Mo(CO)6, (C2H5)2S and H2 as raw material, cultivate 26 hours under few hundred degree centigrade. While other scientists remind that the new material has spaces to improve.
                                                                                                                       By Scientific American(Germany)