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Exploiter Molybdenum’s invention patents application has been published in the USPTO



Retrieved page of the patents application in USPTO(U. S. Patent and Trademark Office )


Published page in the USPTO

    As a national high-tech enterprise, Exploiter Molybdenum always pay attention to the intellectual property protection work to protect the innovation work, strong the creative properties and enhance the intangible asset to get a competitive advantage and establish the brands. From 2007,the company has began accumulate the patents, build the Intellectual Property protection department, and allocate the professional management to do this work, to ensure it be carried out in practice.
    So far, the intellectual protection department has combined the own practice to apply almost 40 patents, get 26 national patents, including 11 invention patents, 7 trademark registration, and the logo copyright, established the own brands. Meanwhile, the intellectual property department has combined the R&D to come close with the technology frontier, to provide support for the R&D, apply the government project to get the fund support, made advice and objections on the protection for the states patents office.
    With the fast developing steps, the intellectual protect department propose to apply the international patents, and make protective barrier for the competition in the global market, based on the market position and sources to enter USA and Japan, striving to get an abroad patent.