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Company News

The director of CIQ and commercial bureau of Luoyang came to Exploiter to visit and guide


    On July 22,The director of CIQ and commercial bureau of Luoyang came to Exploiter to visit and guide, the general manager Zhao Weigen and the party seceratory Chen Zhihong made a warm welcome for the visit.

    In the powdering workshop, Mr. Zhao made a detail introduction for the Molybdenum Disulfide process and application.

    Guided by Mr. Zhao, Director Guo has visited the liquidation roasted workshop, and made a detail introduction for the value, application the future trends of the Rhenium.


    On the meeting, the general manager Zhao Weigen made a basic introduction of the company, and a detail presentation of the export works. Director Guo made a high praise for the good job, and affirmed the constant trends of the exportation, and announced the new exportation policies timely to improve the inner management, enhance the competitiveness, to ensure the product quality of export. Mr. Zhao expressed their sincere gratitude to the support of the CIQ and Commercial Bureau of Luoyang.