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Rebound for the global market, stable in the domestic market


    Due to the continuous rising trend in the global market recently, the primary molybdenum market keeps stable yesterday. Though the demand was not enlarged, the mining enterprise get some confidence, hope it can be stable now, it’s been active day by day. The normal grade molybdenum concentrate was quoted at 860-870yuan/mtu yesterday, with little turnover, most are waiting to see.

    While as it’s not sure if it will be rise, the molybdenum iron manufacturer said they will keep waiting to see. On one hand, it’s difficult to sell ferro molybdenum, the bidding will begin after one or two weeks. On the other hand, it’s a slight season, they do not want to make more stocks with higher risk. The manufacturer said that the market was not supported by the global market, it’s been suspected to make speculations. So most of them are waiting to see.