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Transaction price of Ammonium Molybdate was down slightly


    Yesterday, the raw material of Molybdenum keeps further declined, mainly because of the low demand and the molybdenum oxide’s in the global market. The molybdenum concentrate was quoted at 970-990 yuan/mtu, the higher grade one was quoted at 1000-1020yuan/mtu. While the price was mostly above the buyers’ expectation, it’s difficult to make a deal in the market.

    Due to the effect of the downstream in the raw material market, it’s counted that the Four Ammonium Molybdate has been down slightly. The first grade was mainly quoted at 74,000-76,000 yuan/t, the actual transaction price was down to the level of 73,000-74,000yuan/t. The demand was not ideal, most manufacturers make inventory by demands, the purchasing volume is decline. The manufacturers said it’s a dull season in the market,most European and American customers are on vacation, more and more surplus raw material will be inrushed to China from the abroad, which makes the price declined or keep the low level, so most are waiting to see, dared to purchase.